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Have you named your Hebridean?

Once installed, the apparent presence of ‘an invisible person’ helming your sailing vessel invites its baptism with a human name. When John Fleming described to me some of the life of his Bermudian privateer grandsire, there was only one name for my Hebridean. Hezekiah! Here is a fascinating account of the life of Hezekiah Frith…

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2023 Prices and VAT

With the hand-over from John, I have had to face the fact that VAT must now be added to the Hebridean prices for UK buyers. It does mean a price increase, which may or may not make you feel good about helping out our cash-strapped UK government. Sorry for this outrage! Please see our Plans…

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Handing on the Hebridean project

Very glad to be able to let you know the Hebridean will be available again in the near future. Here I am on my second trip (of three) to Torshavn with its designer, John Fleming. Both of us were steered there by our trusty Hebridean wind vanes. The freedom to travel beyond the usual limits…

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