Size & Mounting

The socket

The socket should be mounted on the transom no lower than 600mm above the water line and no higher than 1000mm above the water line. Freeboards of more than 1000mm at the stern should mount the socket on the transom below deck level (recommended not more than 200mm below).

The pendulum is supplied 1.7m long in the H1 kit and has to be cut to length with 600mm submerged in still waters with wind vane mounted.

Mounting, and lines to the tiller or wheel.

The frame pivots in a socket. The socket can be sandwiched between two lengths of hardwood or stainless steel plates 5mm thick attached to the boat so that it is supported around 150mm off. Materials are not included in the kit for a socket mount on the transom.

Contessa 32, Pioneer10, Sabre 27, Nicholson 32, Albin Vega, Centaur are all boats with transoms that easily accept a Hebridean wind vane. Boats like a Folkboat with negative transom at 45 degrees can mount the wind vane on the top of the rudder stock (as pictured in the gallery and on a video of a Twister).

The wind vane must be capable of pivoting at the socket lifting the pendulum out of the water. Friction is normally enough to keep the pendulum in the water but a shear pin through the socket can be added for heavy weather.

Lines to the tiller or wheel are attached either to the ends of the outriggers of the “standard” arrangement of Hebridean, or from the top of the extended trunk of the “alternative” arrangement (an option where outriggers are not wanted e.g. if they interfere with a stern mounted outboard). The lines pass through blocks and on to the tiller or wheel.

The mount only has to be strong enough to carry the wind vane and counter the pull by the lines leading to tiller or wheel as the pendulum swings steering the boat.