Prices & Ordering


How to order your Hebridean self-steering wind vane

  1. Request a shipping quote to your delivery address (email link at foot of this page).
    Please include your name, delivery address, post code (or equivalent) and a telephone number (requested by our carrier).
  2. Order.
  3. We will email you a proforma invoice with payment details. Let us know when paid. We will then pack and send your Hebridean, keeping you informed as to the schedule.
We endeavour to send out kits within three weeks of payment. If a significantly longer lead time or waiting list develops we will accept a deposit to secure your order, with the balance payable in advance of despatch.

Hebridean H2 Kit (excludes wood)  Available to order
The principal stand-alone Hebridean wind vane kit which has been sent from Scotland to at least 22 countries

£495 GBP (+vat for UK sales: £594 GBP) plus carriage
(please request carriage price to your location)

The H2 Kit excludes hardwood for the frame and paddle/pendulum (marine ply for the vane base is supplied). All 316 stainless steel components are prefabricated by laser and drilled (some surface finishing required) ready to bolt on to the frame. Carbon fibre components are provided for the push rod, vane, etc. All stainless fastenings, plans, instructions and your license to build are sent with the kit.

The frame, pendulum and outriggers need to be cut from 20mm hardwood planking (see our wood cutting diagram) as per the plans by a reasonably competent woodworker and glued together. There is no welding required; or bearings needing to be fitted. All moving parts are metal-to-metal, which are low-friction and low-maintenance.

Sourcing your hardwood
A total of 4m of hardwood planking of your choice 145 x 20mm (EU standard) is required and needs to be cut into strips by a competent woodworker (best achieved using a table saw) according to the dimensions specified in the plans. The longest piece is 1.8m. Here is the wood cutting diagram. Whilst we suggest sourcing “marine grade” wood, various strong hardwoods can be used.

Hebridean Wheel Steering Adapter Kit  Available to order

The Hebridean generally link to a tiller. John Fleming also designed this optional kit of parts to fabricate a wheel boss “drum” (with quick-release) so the Hebridean can be linked to a wheel (see an example video link on the homepage).

£115 GBP (+vat for UK sales: £138 GBP)
plus carriage if ordered separately from your H2 Kit (please request carriage price to your location)

Note: 9mm plywood for drum and backing plate is not included. 

Hebridean Remote Course Adjustment Kit Available to order
PLEASE NOTE: you have to purchase the Delrin worm & wheel set direct from the maker (details below)

The H2 Kit incorporates manual course setting as standard (twist the vane base and tighten two butterfly nuts). But on some craft the Hebridean vane base cannot be easily reached. The manual unit is interchangeable with the remote course-setting unit (by pulling a continuous 4mm line to revolve the vane). It can therefore be purchased at a later stage.

£230 GBP (+vat for UK sales: £276 GBP)
plus carriage if ordered separately from your H2 Kit (please request carriage price to your location)

We have, by popular request, been looking for a way to make this option available again. It entails you buying the gears direct from the maker.

  • Obtaining the Delrin worm & wheel set
    The high quality paired set is manufactured to order by HPC Gears (UK). In black Delrin (more UV-resistant than white) the set costs £125 GBP + carriage (+VAT in the UK). In white it is some £23 less. These 2023 prices are subject to change.
    If you intend to use a different engineering source do ask us for spec the specification.
  • HPC part numbers
    WORM: ZW1-1-WO8
    WHEEL: ZPM1-90/1+W51/C

We acknowledge and specially thank Paul Thompson for showing John Fleming how such a unit could work on the Hebridean. Here is Paul’s 10 tonne ‘La Chica’  in 2016.

Hebridean H1 Kit (includes wood)  Discontinued

However, here is the wood cutting diagram for your 4m of locally sourced hardwood planking (or other timber).