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Wind Vane Size & Mounting

Wind Vane Size
The pendulum is longer for boats with a high free-board at the stern. The free-board can be anything from 600mm to 1000mm. The frame consists of 2 lengths of wood bolted together at a certain angle according to the plans. The top of the frame is level with the top rail of your push-pit, and the bottom 1 metre below that. The pendulum pivots on the frame and extends into the water.

Mounting, and lines to the tiller or wheel.
The frame pivots in a socket. The socket is bolted between two lengths of hardwood (each 50mm by 70mm) and attached to the boat so that it is supported around 150mm off at deck level. (It is best for boats with only 600mm free-board at the stern that the bottom of the socket is at deck level). How long the hardwood lengths are and how they are bolted depends on your boat transom. They can either be horizontal across the deck or downwards onto the hull. Lines to the tiller or wheel are through standard blocks attached to the push-pit.

Contessa 32, Pioneer10, Sabre 27, Nicholson32, Albin Vega, Centaur are all boats with transoms that easily accept a Hebridean wind vane. Boats like a folkboat with negative transom at 45 degree can mount the wind vane on the top of the rudder stock (as pictured in the gallery).

An alternative adjustable mount in 316 stainless steel for different shapes of transom can be constructed (from standard, easily obtainable materials) using drill and hack saw according to plans included in the kit. This can be adapted for boats with transom hung rudders (eg. Jaguar 25) which require a frame to support the socket in which the wind vane pivots aft of the rudder. Plans of this are also included.

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