windvaneselfsteering plans
Wind Vane Self Steering Kit.


The H1 complete kit

This all inclusive kit includes American oak for the whole frame accurately cut into strips by circular saw, 316 stainless steel components prefabricated and drilled by laser ready to bolt on to the frame, carbon fibre for the push rod and vane, all s/s metal fastenings, plans, instructions and license to build.

  • Kit costs 530 GB Pounds (excluding carriage)

The H2 kit

This is identical to the the H1 kit but without the American Oak. (Around 5 metres at 145mm by 20mm which is EU standard and will cost approximately 50 GDP in a timber merchant. This then needs to be cut according to instructions given.)

  • Kit costs 410 GB Pounds (excluding carriage).

There is no welding required or bearings fitted for either of the kits. Parts can be replaced easily but it is unlikely to need this as the wind vane is designed to be robust. All moving parts are metal to metal which are trouble free and efficient.

Carriage costs and packing of the kit within Scotland 20 GBP, England and Wales 25 GBP.? Please enquire giving address and post code for post and packing to countries overseas, and specify H1 or H2 kit. Thank you.

Recipients of orders from outside EU may be charged import taxes.

I will gladly help and advise during the build if necessary. Contact me.

Optional extra "Remote course adjustment" kit. 190 GBP plus carriage.

(H1 and H2 kits include "manual" for course changing and is interchangeable with "remote").

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