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The full reviews below are in PDF format and kindly provided by Ian Kirkwood and  Thomas Fisher respectively.


Hebridean journey on a Nicholson 32 2016 - 2019

Hi John,

I left Largs in Oct 2016 without having the wind-vane fully sorted on my wheel-steered Nicholson 32, Trompette. We went, day sailing, down the East coast of Ireland and round to Kinsale. Then across to Vigo in Spain, arriving very tired.

Down Portugal and round to Vilamoura, was the next stage where I left the boat for a year. With the Hebridean better sorted, Oct. 2017 saw us go to Porto Santo (next to Madeira} and on to the Canaries. From there down to the Cabo Verde islands and across to Antigua in the Caribbean just after Christmas. The end of May saw us head North to Bermuda and then across to Flores in the Acores.

North East to Kinsale again and then back up the Irish Sea and back to Largs, arriving on the 5th Aug, last week. All went well and the Hebridean did a wonderful job. Id like to thank you for your help during the making of the kit and of course, for coming up with such an excellent design.

Best regards,


Hebridean Servo Pendulum Wind Vane Test 22nd Feb 2014

By Ian Kirkwood.

Having spent regular periods trawling the net for information on wind vanes and their prices, I was interested to find in November 2013 promoting John Fleming's DIY servo pendulum vane, the 'Hebridean'. For a year or two I had looked at everything I could find on the market but there was none that suited my immediate limited budget. So I had resigned myself to waiting some years to acquire a vane. Even Ebay items were mostly beyond my reach.


You can read the the full account on the attached PDF. pdf picture


Angus the Hebridean wind vane takes on the Atlantic (a tale of repeated user errors with a happy ending)

By Thomas Fisher

[Angus is installed on Arctic Smoke a 1974 Elizabethan 33 - a long keeled, mid to heavy displacement cruiser, with the rudder hung diagonally on the keel - which is not particularly efficient.] Arctic Smoke left the UK in April 2015 bound for the Azores via Lisbon. She subsequently completed a full Atlantic circuit
You can read the full account on the attached PDF. pdf picture


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