Self-build (from a kit) a Servo-Pendulum Wind Vane.


For boats with tiller or wheel the Hebridean self-steering wind vane is a new

design concept, good for DIY sailors compact and lightweight, the wind vane combines simple design with robust construction in a fold flat solution that can easily be stored in a boat locker.

The Hebridean offers DIY Sailors the opportunity to build an affordable Wind Vane in wood and stainless steel, with no welding, bearings or plastic cogs. Its unique design features enhance performance in all conditions and simplifies construction.
All metal components are provided and prefabricated ready for bolting to the wooden frame, requiring little more than basic wood-work skills and tools and a few days work.

The wind vane has crossed Atlantic and Pacific oceans but is also quick and easy to assemble for week-end sails across the channel.

Remote course adjustment from the comfort and safety of the cockpit is now available as an optional extra kit, you can view one in action on this youtube video

A "drum" kit for Hebridean connection to wheel steering is now available.

For Shipping Internationally please contact me with your required destination for a quotation.


A detailed PDF example of build from start to finish   Building a Hebridean Wind Vane


A section by section video from a customer who has built the H1 kit showing It shows the build process with the construction split into 7 parts.

Click on the PDF to sample the plans. pdf picture



On these links below you can view the Hebridean in action

The Hebridean is "well worth investigating" according to Tom Cunliffe, see page 65 on his latest book "the Complete Ocean Skipper


ON TEST by David Pugh, chief editor of the PBO magazine, January 2017 issue.
"I'm impressed." "the vane performed well on all points of sail, including downwind"
"servo pendulum system took control to the extent that it could sail a course with the sails badly set."

See for yourself how well it performs in our wind vane video Link.   See Video
Click the PDF for answers to frequently asked questions.  

Click here to view a YouTube video of the Hebridean in action

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