DIY Wind Vane Design Features


All other wind vane designs rely on the pendulum being able to swing independent of the vane base which is fixed to the boat. Consequently the push-rod connection with the vane is difficult for DIY construction, and tends to be loose and fragile.

The Hebridean has the vane base floating free of the boat supported on a frame that also supports the pendulum, so the push-rod connection with the vane is straight forward.

It is the frame that pivots in a socket at the stern which allows the pendulum to swing from side to side correcting course as the vane deflects in the wind. As it does, it also damps the vane to stop over-steering. The end result is the same as all other servo pendulum wind vanes except that the vane is damped by “feed-back”.


Read more about it on the PDF.


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